Drapes and Blinds Cleaning

Better Window Dressings in Your Chicago Home with Our Cleaning Efforts

As a Chicago homeowner, you might wonder why there are registers for your HVAC system underneath every window in the up and downstairs of your home. Many have come to believe it was for no other purpose than to sully the look of your blinds and drapes, which the steady barrage of dust and debris circulating in the environment can do just that. Knowing what to do when you are ready to improve the look and feel of these elements in your home can help you get it done quickly and cost-effectively.

• We offer a scheduled arrival that fits your life
• We have premier cleaning tools to improve the look and feel of damaged drapes
• We test materials to determine the best cleaning approach

When Do You Know You Need It?

When your Chicago home is looking a little worse for wear all around, you might have our experienced SERVPRO cleaning technicians coming out to clean and restore carpeting and hardwoods. Combining multiple cleaning approaches into the same scheduled visit can save you time and money, not to mention help your home to look its best in multiple ways.

This cleaning practice might also get paired up with the work of our air duct/HVAC cleaning technicians working in your house since it very well could have been circulating dust, debris, and dander that damaged the drapes in the first place.

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When Should My Drapes Be Cleaned?

A good rule-of-thumb is to clean drapes approximately every two years. A recent survey by SERVPRO disclosed that the average customer believes drapes should be cleaned when they look dirty. Depending on your heating system, the amount of smokers in the home, and other factors, drapes may not show soil for two to six years. The oily atmospheric soil will gradually cause the fabric to deteriorate. Often, direct sunlight is unjustly blamed for this. You may triple the life of your draperies through professional cleaning, which is relatively inexpensive compared to replacement costs.

Professional Cleaning

When your draperies need cleaning, make certain they are dry cleaned ONLY. Only a small percentage of materials can be laundered. If in doubt, call us for advice. Be discriminating in your choice of professional dry cleaners. Some cleaners have equipment designed for clothes cleaning, while others have equipment specifically designed for draperies.

SERVPRO of West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown has an exclusive process of dry cleaning draperies right in your home. There’s no need to have your home or office exposed while your draperies are out being cleaned. We inject a specially formulated solvent into your drapery under pressure and extract the chemical, leaving your drapes clean. This special process results in no damage or shrinkage to the material. Most importantly, you will get quality cleaning at a reasonable price.

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