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Top Tips for Recovering From a Flood | SERVPRO of Downtown Chicago/West Loop/Bucktown/Greektown

5/14/2024 (Permalink)

Water from Lake Michigan Flooding the Lakefront Trail in Chicago Don't let flood water damage your Chicagoland residence or business! Call SERVPRO of West Loop/Bucktown/Greektown to restore your property.

While we can all appreciate a little rain from time to time, a lot of it in a short amount of time can overwhelm the Chicago community and can quickly lead to flooding concerns. Hot and muggy summers can lead to storms that fire up in the afternoon and evening, causing intense waves of rain to fall all over the area. 

Our community can quickly become overwhelmed with rain, and that can lead to it running down our streets and causing flash flood concerns.

Knowing what to do before, during and after a potential flood can help you navigate the entire situation with more confidence, and it can actually help you avoid more serious damage. 

Focus on Your Safety

Flash flood warnings can be issued during most of the year, but especially from spring to mid-summer. If a strong storm is forecast or a flash flood watch is issued, you should start preparing your home and family right away. Fast-moving water can quickly infiltrate your neighborhood, and even just six inches of fast-moving water is enough to knock you off your feet. 

Stay home and start preparing your property for the rain. Secure any outdoor furniture, grills or other heavy equipment that cannot be moved inside, move valuable possessions out of the lowest level of your home, and consider turning off electricity to that lowest level if your home has been known to flood before. After that, sit tight and stay above the water line if water does start rushing in. 

Navigating Your Home Post-Flood 

Once the water has stopped flowing in, use extreme caution when moving about your home. Floodwater can cause serious damage to your walls and floors and compromise your living spaces. Avoid walking through the water, as it could be contaminated with storm runoff, chemicals or sharp debris that could be dangerous to your health. 

Take photos of any damage you notice right away, but you should also just take pictures of the scene itself. These fresh images can help your insurance company file the most accurate claim for you. Once those are taken, get us on the phone!

Recovering From a Flood 

Our flood restoration team will jump right into action to help dry out your home and address your repairs. The longer standing water sits on your floors, the worse your damage can become. This can even lead to structural integrity issues and also mold infestations. Our team is dedicated to your recovery from start to finish. 

We will expertly remove the water with our blowers and industry-leading drying equipment and then we will repair any ruined walls, floors or ceilings. Our goal is to return your home to its pre-flood condition as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Suffered a flood? SERVPRO of West Loop/Bucktown/Greektown is here to help you recover.

Stopping a Rainwater Leak at the Source | SERVPRO of West Loop/Bucktown/Greektown

1/27/2024 (Permalink)

rebuilding an Old real estate apartment, prepared and ready for renovate after flood Has a recent storm caused water in your damage home? Call SERVPRO of West Loop/Bucktown/Greektown to get help today!

When it rains, it can seriously pour around the Chicago area. While we may be grateful for an intense rainstorm in the heat of the summer, strong storms can quickly become troublesome for our homes. Rain has the ability to infiltrate the tiniest gaps in our houses that can quickly become serious water leaks. 

Over time, a single water leak can be the catalyst for extensive water damage around your roof that travels into your walls. Knowing what to do before a storm hits can help you avoid these more serious water leaks.

Protecting Your Home
Storms are anything but predictable, so you should always start preparing for the different possibilities as soon as the storm is forecast. Go outside and make sure your gutter system is clean and functioning properly, and ensure your downspouts are pointed away from your foundation. A single clog can lead to water that backs up onto your roof, so take the time to clear these away before the rain starts to fall.

If your home has a sump pump in the basement, now is the time to check it to make sure it is functioning properly. Sump pumps work by pulling excess moisture away from your home by pumping it back up to ground level. This can be a helpful way to avoid water damage, but only if it is working!

Inspect Your Roof

Most storms are predicted at least a day or two in advance, so you should make sure you get up on your roof during this time to check for residual damage. 

Our roofs are the first line of defense when it comes to rain, wind and hail, so they can experience significant damage during the course of a normal year. Checking all of the shingles, gutters and vents to ensure there is no structural damage is vital to avoiding serious water issues in your attic.

Even just a single missing or broken shingle can be the reason your attic walls become soaked during a storm. Grab a ladder and do a visual inspection often, especially after a strong storm rolls through. Address any damage issues that you see quickly so that your home can weather the next storm with confidence. 

Drying Out Your Home

Even if you do everything right and prepare your property for an upcoming storm, Mother Nature can be unpredictable. Water leaks can occur quickly and can leave water stains on your walls or it could even feel like it is raining inside your house when a ceiling leak starts to drip. 

In any case, we can help you recover right away. Lingering moisture can quickly lead to further issues like mold growth, so we work fast to ensure a full recovery. 

We will remove the excess water, detect hidden moisture behind your walls and handle repairs efficiently so you can get back to your normal life as soon as possible. What are you waiting for? Give us a call right away!

A quick recovery after suffering water damage is vital. Call SERVPRO of West Loop/Bucktown/Greektown for immediate assistance.

Creating a Reliable Fire Escape Plan | SERVPRO of Downtown Chicago/West Loop/Bucktown/Greektown

10/27/2023 (Permalink)

Fire in the kitchen, residential fire. Have you had a fire in your home recently? SERVPRO of Downtown Chicago/West Loop/Bucktown/Greektown is “Here to Help”!

No matter where you live in the loop or in downtown Chicago, knowing how to get out of your home in an emergency is crucial. You may only have minutes or even seconds to find a reliable way out before you are stuck and put into an incredibly dangerous position.

This is especially true when fire is concerned. Fire travels quickly, so getting out immediately should always be your top concern. 

Creating a fire escape plan that your whole family can utilize and understand is essential to your safety. Follow these tips below for creating a fire escape plan that will help everyone in your household make it quickly.

The Creation Of Your Plan 

If you live in a single-family home, take the time to map out your home on a piece of paper. Let your kids go through each room and identify the different exit points, ensuring that there are at least two out of every room. Don’t forget the windows! 

Once the map is drawn, go outside and choose a central meeting location that is far away from your home but easy to get to. Mailboxes across the street or a neighbor’s front porch can be safe locations to choose.

If you live in an apartment or high-rise, go on a tour of your building to locate the stairwell as well as the fire escape for your level. Since elevators are not a safe choice during an emergency and they probably won’t work anyway, having at least two other reliable ways to get out is crucial. 

Make sure your children know how to get to each of these locations on their own in case you aren’t there when the fire breaks out. You should also still choose a meeting location for once you are all safely outside, which could be a spot across the street or down the block. 

Putting the Plan Into Action 

Creating a fire escape plan is one thing, but putting it into action is completely different! Many kids learn by experience, so going through the motions can ensure that your children retain the information they need to react accordingly. 

Practice different scenarios of them being in bed, sitting at the kitchen table or playing in the family room. Push the test button on your smoke alarm and have your kids respond like it was a true emergency. 

As they make their way to the exits, have them army crawl on their bellies or on their hands and knees to simulate staying below the smoke line. Toxic smoke from fires can be just as dangerous as the flames themselves, so practice this all together! Once you are all outside, remind your kids how to call 911 and what to say when a dispatcher picks up. 

Responding to Fire Damage

House fires can be devastating. They can cause a significant amount of damage in just a few minutes, leaving entire sections or levels of your home entirely destroyed. We understand the sensitive and emotional nature of recovering from a house fire, so let us help walk you through the process. 

Our team will handle your entire restoration, from the initial debris removal to the final repairs of your walls, floors and ceilings. We will even handle soot and smoke removal from parts of your home that were never on fire. We will help you recover faster and more efficiently, so give us a call 24/7 for immediate fire restoration assistance. 

House fires can cause serious damage to your home and property. Contact SERVPRO® of West Loop/Bucktown/Greektown for a fast restoration.

SERVPRO’s Chicago Mold Removal Service Is Easily One of the Area’s Best

5/20/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO corporate headquarters outside with banners SERVPRO provides extensive training and support for mold remediation in Chicago.

Mold Removal Firm Expertly Restores Chicago Homes

Mold is the bane of many Chicago homeowners, but it is a factor in the humid lands by Lake Michigan. Any moisture can trigger its growth, and dampness is often with us throughout the warmer months. Stormy weather patterns and the persistent rains they bring only exacerbate the situation. However, even small household leaks and steam from baths/showers can cause mold problems.

SERVPRO’s mold removal service in Chicago is the remediator many area residents flock to for help. Their strong trust in us is partially due to our decades of work in this community, as well as the impressive credentials and methods of company mold specialists. SERVPRO’s experts are IICRC-certified and have a proven track record of performing high-quality mold inspection and removal work. Additionally, they have received much praise for their black mold damage repairs. Once at your residence, our specialists:

  • Firstly, search for the origins of your home’s fungal problem, keeping an eye out for discolorations in ceilings, water-impacted walls and cabinets under sinks, and leaks at plumbing connections to appliances
  • Secondly, work to prevent or limit the contamination of unaffected areas and residents’ exposure to mold by using proper protective equipment, sealing impacted rooms with plastic sheeting, and using negative air machines
  • Thirdly, ensure accurate final results by keeping extensive records of site conditions and how remediation efforts are progressing
  • Lastly, remove fungus from interiors by taking impacted contents out of the home, damp-wipe mold off soiled surfaces with cleaner-infused cloths and sponges, and vacuum any remaining mold into HEPA filters

So, as you can see, SERVPRO of Downtown Chicago/West Loop/Bucktown/Greektown has all it takes to get your mold removal project done right. Call or click us any time of the day or night because we are always ready for your call at (773) 434-9100

So Your Dishwasher Leaked… Now What? | SERVPRO® of Downtown Chicago/West Loop/Bucktown/Greektown

5/19/2023 (Permalink)

 img src =”water” alt = " a picture of a manhole cover that says 'WATER' on the pavement ” > Is your kitchen damaged from a water leak? Call SERVPRO of Downtown Chicago/West Loop/Bucktown/Greektown to get it clean and cleared up.

We are all so busy nowadays that it can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and overlook signs of an emerging problem. As you run out the door to catch the L, you might not notice a single drip or a small puddle of water on your floor near your dishwasher.

While it might not be an issue now, it could certainly pose trouble for you later when you come home to find your entire kitchen flooded. If that happens to you, call SERVPRO of Downtown Chicago/West Loop/Bucktown/Greektown right away.

The Dangers of Water Damage

Even though water is an essential part of life, it can cause some widespread issues in your home. As water pours onto your floor, it will spread and leak into every possible crevice or crack that it can.

That means that water could be getting up underneath your floorboards or behind your trim where it is really hard to get at on your own!

If water seeps into your floor or behind your walls, it can be virtually impossible to dry out on your own without professional equipment or major construction. Over time, that water will linger there and can eventually cause mildew and mold growth to appear.

Once mold is present in the area, it can take over quickly and become a full infestation in a matter of days, so taking action quickly not only prevents the water damage from getting worse, you are putting a stop to a potential mold problem.

What to Do First

The first thing you should do is locate your main water valve. This will simply turn off the water connected to the appliance to prevent the water from flowing out of your dishwasher. Usually this is located in the cupboard under your sink or in the back of your machine.

Once the water has stopped flowing, turn off the power to the appliance. This ensures that your dishwasher can’t start back up again, and it also protects you from the dangers of electricity running near water.

After that, take a breath and call us. We will ask you some questions about your home and your situation, and then we will be on our way to you with our industrial drying equipment!

Why a Professional Restoration Is Important

While you could certainly get a fan out and try to dry out the area yourself, you might not be able to get all of the water on your own. Like we said earlier, water can get behind your walls and can be really hard to dry up with just a regular fan.

Our powerful drying equipment can ensure that every drop of water is gone, and we even have technology at our disposal to check for hidden moisture.

We will work hard to dry out the water for you and then we can address any necessary repairs. Water can easily warp wood and vinyl, so you might need to replace your floorboards or trim if it has been compromised. But not to worry! Our water damage restoration team can handle it all for you.

If your home has experienced water damage, call SERVPRO of Downtown Chicago/West Loop/Bucktown/Greektown.

Flood Damage in Chicago Should Not Keep You Down

5/14/2023 (Permalink)

a flooded living room with floating furniture When flooding affects your home, you need to call in the professionals. Team SERVPRO is standing by 24/7 for your emergency call.

Activities to Occupy You as Experts Handle Flood Restoration 

A property heavily soiled and contaminated by flooding may not be as functional as usual. Finding a way to address flood damage expeditiously should restore normalcy. SERVPRO can help when your Chicago property is affected.

Finding an appropriate venue within the greater Chicago area should be easy. As the professionals work to fix flood damage at your Chicago property, you have other things to take care of, ensuring everything does not come to a stop. If you had organized something with your friends or family, those plans could continue even if your home is out of commission.

Where to Hold Events in Style within Chicago

  • Navy Pier - sitting on the Lake Michigan shore, it offers a variety of spaces for events, including the Lakeview Terrace, a Grand Ballroom, and Crystal Gardens.
  • The Art Institute of Chicago - its museum is world-renowned, but it also offers event spaces like the Bluhm Family Terrace, the Ryan Learning Center, and its Modern Wing.
  • The Drake Hotel - the historic hotel sits on the Magnificent Mile and has unique spaces like the Gold Coast Room, the Grand Ballroom, and the Palm Court.
  • The Chicago Cultural Center is a historic landmark but also offers stunning function locations like the Preston Bradley Hall with its Tiffany Dome or the G.A.R Rotunda. 

Even when no formal events are planned with your family or friends, you can still choose to head out as SERVPRO IICRC-certified technicians clean and decontaminate your property. One of the best ways to have fun is by attending local events.

Notable Events to Attend in Chicago

  • Spectate or participate in the Chicago annual Marathon, which draws in visitors from all over the world
  • Watch fireworks on display over Lake Michigan at the Navy Pier on Wednesday and Saturday nights during summer
  • Explore the winter wonderland of light displays at the Lincoln Park Zoo 
  • Explore different foods from vendors at the Taste of Chicago Festival held in July.

SERVPRO of Downtown Chicago / West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown helps whenever flood damage develops. You can reach us at (773) 434-9100.

SERVPRO Provides Emergency Water Damage Repair in Chicago

4/30/2023 (Permalink)

water damaged floor boards that are bowed Your commercial space functions best without excess water. Team SERVPRO can help if a situation has caused water damage. We are available.

Need Commercial Water Damage Repair and Cleanup in Chicago – Call SERVPRO

Water leaks in commercial properties in Chicago can bring business activity to an abrupt halt. Clients are inconvenienced, supplier shipments are placed on hold, your revenue drops, and you may have to lay off employees until repairs are completed. The impact can be catastrophic for the business. Business owners must repair plumbing leaks, remove the water, and repair the damage.

SERVPRO understands how important it is to complete water damage repairs in commercial properties in Chicago quickly to enable a return to normal operating conditions. That’s why our team responds within four hours of your call, and we are available 24/7 to help our commercial customers.

Our experienced professionals have extensive equipment available to address the damage caused by water leaks. We deploy high-capacity pumps, water extractors for carpets, hardwood flooring and cavities, air movers, and dehumidifiers as needed to remove water and dry your building quickly. We also utilize moisture sensors to detect high moisture areas inside walls and under cabinets to avoid further damage and mold infestations from occurring.

We aim to minimize the total damage caused by water in your commercial building. We apply controlled demolition techniques if needed to avoid further secondary damage. Our building services teams can also assist with repair and reconstruction activities. SERVPRO coordinates the trades required to return your commercial building to its original condition “Like it never even happened.”

We have you covered whether plumbing, electrical, drywall, or flooring repairs or reconstruction activities are needed. SERVPRO can reduce the total downtime and expenses by coordinating cleanup and repair activities with no lag time.

SERVPRO provides the following services:

  • Emergency services water damage repair and reconstruction
  • Water Cleanup
  • Water damage restoration

Call SERVPRO of Downtown Chicago / West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown for water damage repair services. We provide service to Chicago and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (773) 434-9100.

Help for Drying Water Damaged Homes in Chicago

3/28/2023 (Permalink)

Ceiling with water damaged areas of drywall removed Our water damage technicians have the equipment and experience to restore your Chicago home to preloss condition.

SERVPRO Water Restoration Technicians Remediate Moisture with Powerful Drying Equipment

Water damage can be a distressing sight, particularly if the damage has been ongoing for some time. However, elevated moisture can impact more than surface-level structures. It may have microbial growth present, creating potential air quality concerns for homeowners. While letting it dry may seem like the most straightforward solution, this strategy can backfire. It is safer for professional restoration services to stop damage to property and air quality.

SERVPRO’s 24-hour availability for water damage cleanup in Chicago ensures that residents receive remediation, repairs, and restoration services necessary to return their homes to a pre-damage state. SERVPRO tools, including extractors and structural drying equipment, are designed to eliminate excess moisture from surfaces and the air more efficiently than DIY solutions.

Why DIY Solutions Can Exacerbate Water Damage

The key to effective water damage drying is dehumidification combined with air movement after thorough water removal. Chicago homeowners may feel ready to tackle wet drywall or carpet independently. However, without proper inspection tools, they may not be aware of:

  • The scope of the water damage
  • The source causing the continuous leaks or moisture
  • The presence of mold
  • The extent to which structures have been saturated
  • Whether other crucial systems, like electrical or HVAC, are affected by water

SERVPRO trains technicians to detect and mitigate all of these factors in ways that help homeowners save on potential restoration costs. Water damage requires a careful balance of air movement and dehumidification to prevent secondary damage to surfaces and increases in relative humidity.

SERVPRO Water Damage Mitigation and Drying for Residential Structures

Chicago SERVPRO technicians can deploy a full suite of tools for moisture removal, such as:

  • Penetrating and surface-level inspection sensors and meters calibrated for materials like wood and drywall, as well as thermal imaging cameras to inspect water damage behind surfaces
  • Portable and truck-mounted extractors that can deploy heated solvents for cleaning of carpet and upholstery and pulling excess moisture out of nooks, crannies, and structural materials
  • EPA-registered antimicrobial solutions designed to remediate microbes and odor-causing bacteria to sanitize and restore space
  • Structural drying tools, which include commercial-grade air movers and dehumidifiers
  • Odor control tools, such as wet foggers, odor counteractant beads, and hydroxyl generators

Temporary containment measures like polyethylene drying chambers can accelerate water cleanup in open spaces. Specialized techniques that target wet carpet and pad, as well as upholstery and drapes, can keep restoration on-site without the need to move belongings offsite.

In a typical residential water damage incident, technicians can set up air movement equipment every 10 to 16 linear feet to cover approximately 150 square feet per unit. These air movers are typically paired with low-grain refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifiers to collect humidity pulled out of surfaces and into the air.

For dehumidification, moist air is passed over cold refrigerant coils and collected for disposal in a treated sewer. At the same time, the LGR units expel warm, dry air that is pushed toward necessary surfaces by the air movers. High-powered desiccant dehumidifiers are also available for remediation of damage to structural materials. Technicians carefully calculate drying goals and position air movement and dehumidification units accordingly to save as much material as is feasible after a water damage disaster.

SERVPRO of West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown is proud to say that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster and ready to address homeowners ’ concerns 24/7. Call (773) 434-9100 to get started.

The Best Way to Cleanup Fire Damage in Chicago

3/28/2023 (Permalink)

Garage and car burned down by fire damage Contact SERVPRO for certified technicians to help with fire damage remediation efforts in your Chicago home or business.

Chicago SERVPRO Fire Cleanup Professionals Can Detect Smoke, Soot, and Water Damage

Even when it comes from minor kitchen stove flare-ups, fire damage can appear surface-level at first glance. While that is sometimes the case, Chicago property owners may not immediately detect other odors and residues left behind by it. When extinguishers or water put out a home fire, the materials used to suppress flames can impact HVAC systems and other surfaces. These components may require professional restoration to salvage affected structures and belongings thoroughly.

Chicago SERVPRO fire damage cleanup technicians can perform mitigation per restoration industry best practices established by the IICRC. The key to saving the most items possible after a fire is having the right tools for the job and knowing how smoke damage works. SERVPRO staff is educated in both topics and uses commercial-grade equipment and knowledge to return fire-affected properties to a clean, soot- and odor-free condition.

Can Homeowners Inspect Fire Damage Themselves After a Fire?

While homeowners can determine the extent of a minor, surface-level disaster, fires affect more than just a wall or ceiling even after a small incident.

  • Soot particles settle in ducts and HVAC components, where they can become sticky or corrosive on exposure to moisture. These residues can collect dust and potentially create future fire damage risks while lowering home air quality
  • Cooking fires involving meats leave greasy, odorous protein residues nearly invisible to the naked eye. These soils require specialized enzyme digester and sanitation solutions for removal. Residents can unintentionally spread residues during a DIY inspection, spreading unpleasant odors throughout the home
  • Smoke residues can impart soot and soils on electrical components that put them at risk for future ignition
  • Water damage from flame suppression can also impact wall cavities, carpet, and pad, which can allow for mold proliferation in as little as 24 to 48 hours

While a DIY inspection may seem like a good idea on paper for saving on restoration costs, this approach can potentially cost more. Handling this process without professional assistance can hurt a proof of loss claim and unintentionally damage structures and belongings in the home.

SERVPRO Fire Inspection Tools and Process

During fire damage inspections, SERVPRO techs can look at the following:

  • Ventilation registers, ducts, and other components
  • Pretesting results for cleaning solutions to determine ideal cleaning strategies
  • Moisture levels in various surfaces, which are ascertained by penetrating and non-penetrating sensors and meters as well as imaging
  • Mold detection if conditions that allow its growth are present

SERVPRO's multi-pronged inspection process prepares homes for a thorough cleaning process that pinpoints structural damages and restores as much as possible to a pre-damage condition. Technicians can also demolish unsalvageable drywall, flooring, and insulation per homeowners' and insurance adjusters' wishes.

Light soils may only require cleaning with dry cleaning sponges or mild, EPA-registered antimicrobials. Alkaline cleaners, dry ice blasting, or soda ash abrasion cleaning may be necessary for more odorous or heavy-duty fire damage soiling on walls, ceilings, and fixtures. Crew members also inspect the property during and after restoration to ensure that restoration goals are met per homeowners' and SERVPRO's standards.

Homeowners can receive "Like it never even happened" quality services from SERVPRO of West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown when they call (773) 434-9100.

I Have Mold Damage in My Chicago Residence

3/28/2023 (Permalink)

Two SERVPRO vans on a city street Finding mold in your Chicago home does not need to cause panic. Contact SERVPRO right away for an investigation and remediation.

SERVPRO Mold Remediation Technicians Can Sanitize and Restore Property 24/7

While many factors contribute to residential mold damage proliferation, elevated moisture is easily the most influential and challenging to mitigate without professional assistance. Humidity and the microbes that thrive on it can hide in nooks and crannies to eat away at drywall, clothing, carpeting, books, and other possessions. Eventually, this proliferation can impact a home's safety and structural integrity.

SERVPRO's mold damage mitigation services return Chicago residences to a safe, comfortable, almost microbe-free condition. Highly-trained technicians use sophisticated tools, inspection technologies, and commercial-grade personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent secondary damages and fully restore the property.

How Moisture Allows Mold to Thrive

Mold spores spread in environments with enough moisture for growth and sustainability like a plant.

To minimize microbial growth risk, homeowners can:

  • Have their homes inspected for moisture leaks or water damage can catch the early signs of spores before they can spread further
  • Keep living spaces clean and dry. So long as the conditions are kept at bay, mold growth can be prevented and minimized even when water-related incidents occur
  • Maintain relative humidity levels below 50 percent. EPA guidelines suggest between 30 and 50 percent to avoid damage to wood and other contents in the home
  • Ensure that homes have adequate ventilation. Regular cycling of clean, dry air is essential to keeping moisture levels stable, thereby lowering mold growth potential

SERVPRO mold remediation technicians can perform all of these services during cleanup. However, total mold removal is not guaranteed due to the microscopic nature of individual spores. Small amounts of these microbes naturally exist in all living spaces and outdoors. SERVPRO tools are designed to lower spore proliferation to pre-contamination levels for homes experiencing excess microbial contamination or conditions that can exacerbate it.

SERVPRO Education Efforts Prepare Technicians for Mold Damage Cleanup

SERVPRO staff, restoration technicians, and franchise owners receive extensive training in mold growth because this type of disaster does not occur in a vacuum. Elevated moisture levels from such incidents as:

  • Home water damage
  • Storms and floods
  • Fire suppression

SERVPRO certified technicians can implement mold remediation solutions per Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards for repairing structural materials and belongings.

SERVPRO franchise owners, meanwhile, receive a hands-on 15-day crash course in restoration practices for mold cleanup at SERVPRO's Corporate Training Facility. This course includes participating in demonstrative restoration at the Corporate Training House, designed for realistic disaster cleanup practice.

Restoration staff also have access to ongoing e-Learning opportunities that are self-paced. Each module provides video and supplemental education materials to prepare team members for the knowledge tests that conclude each module. These e-Learning units ensure that staff members remain up-to-date about restoration industry best practices. This knowledge allows technicians to attain additional certification opportunities that expand their restoration skill set.

Credit and non-credit continuing education courses are available to SERVPRO team members and professionals from other industries. These courses are particularly valuable for individuals who work in insurance claims adjustment and real estate management. Units cover fire and water damage restoration, mold in the restoration industry, and restorative drying practices.

Residents who need emergency-response "Like it never even happened" restoration services can count on SERVPRO of West Loop / Bucktown / Greektown for 24/7 restoration availability. Call (773) 434-9100 to have a team at the property within hours of first contact.